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We’ve added a new section to the website for… wait for it… VIDEOS! Yes, we are joining the 20th century… um…

We are currently adding videos from our concert performance from FilkOntario 2016 and will continue to add videos as we get them created/edited.

If there is a specific video for one of our songs you want to see, please let us know.

Go Indie Now Interview

The Faithful Sidekicks were honored to be interviewed for the great video podcast Go Indie Now. This series of videos features independent authors and artists. We got to talk about FILK, FAWM, and independent music.

Our sections starts at about 31:33. Check it out!

FAWM 2017 and New Album

The Faithful Sidekicks once again participated in February Album Writing Month and had a blast. We wrote 12 new geeky songs and almost all of them will be going into our regular song lineup. Be on the look out for new gigs where we will be debuting these new tunes!

We are announcing here that we have started work on a new album, very tentatively titled Achievement Unlocked. Our current hope is that the full CD will be complete and available by the end of the year. We’ll update you here on our site or our Facebook page as more details emerge!


The Sidekicks went to FilkOntario 26 in Mississauga Ontario this past April and were honored to play a concert set! We got our good friend Devin Melanson to contribute his awesomeness to part of our set.  We had an amazing time! We heard a ton of great music all weekend and met a lot of great people!  We are hoping to post video of the set soon!

OVFF 2015

The Faithful Sidekicks just returned from The Ohio Valley Filk Festival – and boy was it a blast! We got to play music with and listen to a lot of fantastic musicians and hear a lot of awesome songs! We even got to play Han Solo For President for the entire convention!

Eric also entered the Songwriting Contest again with a new song – I Built A Time Machine (for which we’ll publish a video soon). He is honored to announce he took home Second Place. What’s more, he also took home the Audience Choice award!

Thanks to everyone at the Con, particularly the organizers and staff, for making it a great event!

FKO 25

I (Eric) recently went to FilKOntario 25 in Toronto Canada and had a blast! (Jen couldn’t go because of passport issues… 🙁 ) It was a fantastic 4 days of music.

I placed in both songwriting competitions for new songs written for the contests – Everything Will Be Silver and Bi-Polar Penguin. But much more than that, I got to hear a ton of great music, play a bunch of music in music circles, and hang out with great people. It was fantastic. Here’s looking forward to FKO 26. 🙂

OVFF and A Sticky Situation

This is a very belated post, but we would be remiss in not mentioning it.

The Faithful Sidekicks attended OVFF – The Ohio Valley Filk Festival – in October 2014. They were honored to play a one-shot for the entire convention and played Jar Jar Must Go. (Special thanks to friend and fellow FAWMer Devin of Copy Red Leader for lending us a bass and guitar!)

What’s more, Eric was honored and humbled to win the OVFF Songwriting Contest for his song entry – A Song of Stick Pins. Due to popular demand, Eric recorded a video version of the song and you can find that here:

YouTube Link

More news to come soon!