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Patreon, Concerts and More!

There are lots of really cool things going on in Faithful Sidekicks land.

First off, The Faithful Sidekicks now have a Patreon Page!

We are planning to put out at least one new song per month as well as create some more off the wall things, like comedy sketches, poems, or whatever fun geeky things spring forth.  Patrons will get first access to our new demos and songs.  If you want to help support as as we make music, please check it out!

We also have an amazing line up of gigs coming up:

Pegasus Nominations!

We are excited to announce that The Faithful Sidekicks were nominated for TWO Pegasus Awards!!

Best Performer 2018 and Best Filk Song 2018 – Han Solo For President.

The awards were handed out at OVFF 34 and while we didn’t win, we consider it a huge honor to have been nominated.

A massive congratulations to Random Fractions and Twotonic as Best Performer and Pageant Legend as Best Filk Song – and very heartfelt congratulations to all the other Pegasus Nominees and Winners!

If you haven’t heard of The Pegasus Awards, they are awarded for Excellence in Filking as recognized by the Filk community. It is a huge huge honor to us as we are just grateful and excited to be considered worthy to be among such amazing nominees!

Cool Things!

We just got back from FilkOntario in Toronto where we had an absolute blast!

A couple very cool things happened there that I think count as News:

We are honored to say that we won First Place in the annual FKO Songwriting Competition with our new song We Come In Peace!  All the songs in the competition were excellent!  We will record a version (either a demo or a video) of We Come In Peace soon.

We also had some of our friends from Germany present us with a gift – a certificate!  In 2017 FilkContinental had it’s 20th Anniversary and for this event they compiled their Top 10 songs from the last 20 years of the convention...


It is here! New for 2018, The Faithful Sidekicks second CD – Achievement Unlocked!

12 new tracks featuring a lot of great guest musicians including John Argentiero, Dr. Mary Crowell, The Bedford Level Experiment, Justin Hartley, Beth Kinderman, Sunnie Larsen, and Cathy McMannamon.

We have tracks on everything from MMOs to Ice Cream, from movies like Iron Giant, Hot Fuzz, and Mystery Men, from a Help Desk sea shanty to a Wizard Rock song about Neville. It’s a big smorgasbord of Geeky goodness!

OVFF Goodness

If you are going to be at the Ohio Valley Filk Festival (which I highly recommend you check out!), We will be playing a 30 minute concert on Sunday 10/22 at 2:20 PM.  There will be great concerts all weekend from some amazing performers!  We will be around the whole weekend hanging out, playing a bunch of new tunes, including several slated for the new album, and generally geeking out on awesome music!  Hope to see you there!

Fringe, GeekDad, and Upcoming Shows

Lots of good things have been happening for the Sidekicks lately.

The great Geek Music Podcast – Radio Free Hipster – featured Han Solo For President in their latest episode. This Podcast is produced by GeekDad, which is a fantastic website for all things Geeky. Definitely check it out!

We also have a new track for the upcoming album finished, called One With The Force. If you are at the MN Fringe Festival, you can hear it being played before this awesome funny new play – The Tragedy Of Obi Wan Kenobi. It’s written by our friend Dave Stagner of The Feng Shui Ninjas and Beth Kinderman and the Player Characters and is definitely something you should get to if you can.

Finally we have a couple new shows to announce...


We’ve added a new section to the website for… wait for it… VIDEOS! Yes, we are joining the 20th century… um…

We are currently adding videos from our concert performance from FilkOntario 2016 and will continue to add videos as we get them created/edited.

If there is a specific video for one of our songs you want to see, please let us know.

Go Indie Now Interview

The Faithful Sidekicks were honored to be interviewed for the great video podcast Go Indie Now. This series of videos features independent authors and artists. We got to talk about FILK, FAWM, and independent music.

Our sections starts at about 31:33. Check it out!