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Han Solo For President


The way the country’s going
We’re stuck before we begin
We need to look far far away
To bring the right guy in

Some say he’s a scoundrel
Well we’ve already got some of those
But we know this one will get things done
So here’s what I propose

Han Solo For President
You know he’s the one
‘Cause he’s fastest on the gun
Han Solo For President
You know he’s our man

You may think he’ll take the cash
And then just run away
But he’ll come back at the wire
To totally save the day

He comes with his own protection
That’s furry and seven feet tall
You know he’s got the alien vote
He’s the bravest of them all

Han Solo For President
He’s the best we can get
cause we can’t get Boba Fett
Han Solo For President
You know he’s our man

Attack ads won’t work on him
I mean, he saved the galaxy
How do you get them to hate a guy
Who set the ewoks free

He’s used to adoration
He was mistaken for a god
Even if winning is a long shot
Never tell him the odds

Han Solo For President
Better not give him lip
I bet he’s handy with a whip
Han Solo For President
You know he’s our man

He may look scruffy
Nerf Herder In Chief
But he’s the best man for the job
That is our belief

He’s got no time for committees
Don’t mistake him for a goon
Who needs a seal team
He rescues VIPs from a moon

You know he’ll get things moving
Look how fast he did the Kessel Run
Imagine all the awesome
When the Falcon is Air Force One

Han Solo For President
If we don’t get this right
There’s always Carbonite
Han Solo For President
You know it’s not his fault
He’s the President


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