We are big fans of board games! We love playing them, talking about them, teaching them, etc…

Here is a list of all the Boardgame Reviews we’ve written:


We also particularly like teaching and learning old board games – games that connect us to history.

The links below are to historic/ancient board games you can print out and play. These board games range in ages from the 19th Century to approx 1000 BC.
You will need objects to use as game pieces. Coins work well – we use glass “rocks” from a hobby store – but anything small should work. To play all the games below, you will need 22 pieces of two different types, and 1 of a two additional types – 46 pieces total – I.E 22 black, 22 red, 1 green, 1 blue.


  12 Man Morris Board (DOWNLOAD)
  12 Man Morris Instructions (DOWNLOAD)

  Fox and Geese Board (DOWLOAD)
  Fox and Geese Instructions (DOWNLOAD)

  Ringo Board (DOWLOAD)
  Ringo Instructions (DOWNLOAD)

  Fidchell Board (DOWLOAD)
  Fidchell Instructions (DOWNLOAD)

  Hneftafl Board (DOWLOAD)
  Hneftafl Instructions (DOWNLOAD)

  Fanorona Board (DOWLOAD)
  Fanorona Instructions (DOWNLOAD)

  Latrunculi Board (DOWLOAD)
  Latrunculi Instructions (DOWNLOAD)
Also includes the instructions for Mancala, which can be played with the same pieces.
You will also need bowls or an empty egg carton for Mancala.

  Adu Huli Board (DOWNLOAD)
  Bagh Chal Board (DOWNLOAD)
  Adu Huli and Bagh Chal Instructions (DOWNLOAD)

  Seega Board (DOWLOAD)
  Seega Instructions (DOWNLOAD)

(These games also require a deck of standard playing cards)

  Boodle Board (DOWLOAD)
  Boodle Instructions (DOWNLOAD)

  Pope Joan Board (DOWLOAD)
  Pope Joan Instructions (DOWNLOAD)