*.* And Other Star Things

Here’s some of our other songs and demos.
(Please remember these tend to be first drafts. Listen at your own risk. 😉 )

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FAWM 2016
Songs written during February Album Writing Month 2016
FAWM 2015
Songs written during February Album Writing Month 2015

We’re Dragons (An Open Letter to Cressida Cowell from Smaug)


You made us look so cute
without any regrets
we’re ancient and fearsome
not somebody’s pets

We’re huge and scaly
30 feet tall
forget about Godzilla
we’re the kings of them all

We’re dragons
and you’re supposed to be scared
we’re dragons
and you can’t be prepared

We’re dragons
and we can breath fire
we’re dragons
and you’re about to expire

first came Puff
and we were annoyed
then came Elliot
who we could not avoid

but Falkor was too far
we’re no lucky charm
The real falkor
would bite off atreyu’s arm

Some of us have a weakness for gold
some of us won’t leave our hoard
some of us are very old
but we will not be ignored

My brothers are gathered
we’ll make a big fuss
We don’t want sparkly vampires
to happen to us

we’re not fluffy and cute
we’re heavy on the fright
And were coming to you
So get the story right

Cannon Fodder (I.E. The Happy Go Lucky Stormtrooper)

Gold Gold Gold (inspired by the Dwarves from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld)

Other Demos
Everything else

*Really Not That Hard (Board Game song – nicknamed the Overly Complicated Game song)

Time Traveler (Can you name all the references?)


I’m in a blue box
slinging round the sun
at eighty eight miles per hour
through a wormy black hole

A star is going nova
I’ve got metal in a microwave
and hoping that the Map
will somehow keep me whole

I found a magic doorway
with a slide image on the wall
got my special necklace to give me
an hour or two

I’ve got my flux capacitor
and I’ve got quantum on the brain
I’ve got my time helmet
and my sonic screwdriver too

I’m a time traveler
and you know I’m not scared
I’m ok changing history
regrets are for the tech impaired

I’m a time traveler
and this time I’ll get it right
as long as I keep track of time
I know we have all night
Lets go back and do it agian
because you know we have all night

What to do when I get there
see pompeii before the storm
hobnob with ghengis khan
Set right what once went wrong

I’ll find the real King Arthur
stop the fire in London town
steal a pair of whales
and put them back where they belong

I’ll abduct famous figures
and put on a massive show
rescue the great da vinci
and invent the tension sheet

I’ll save stonehenge
stop the robot revolt
find my wife when she was young
and teach my young self how to cheat

Find the cores of history
to hear what was really said
Better watch for butterflies
you don’t want to leave them dead

I’ll be sure to save my father
and then kill Hitler too
but if my fathers really Hitler
I’m not sure what I’ll do

No walls will stop me
not even the greatest locks
I can change all of history
without a paradox

Temba, His Arms Wide a ST-TNG folk ballad

Whiskey In The Jawa /strong> (Parody of Whiskey In The Jar)

You Don’t Say (A bunch of vaudeville jokes set to music from FAWM 2011)

Wood For Sheep (Settlers of Catan song from FAWM 2007)