In honor of the new Doctor Who

Tomorrow we get to see Peter Capaldi take on the Universe as the 12th incarnation of Doctor Who.

So, here’s the song the Sidekicks wrote for Doctor Who back in Feb.

Doctor Doctor Cure Me – (Rough Demo)

Another dead end job
Yeah we’ve got that in green
Another empty night
in another boring scene

Then a wild eyed man
fell from the stars
Called himself the Doctor
and whisked me off to Mars

Doctor Doctor cure me
from this hum drum day

I love to ride in your blue box
that’s bigger on the inside
How can you be so very old
With such a smooth looking hide

Where do you get your screwdrivers
cause the one I got from Lowes
can’t repel alien hordes
no matter how it glows

I could swear that we met before
did you have a different face
doesn’t matter – lets save the world
and see all of time and space

Yeah Daleks scare me
though they look like pepper pots (The object not the girl)
But I know that you can save me
from the army of killer bots (I know, they’re cyborgs)

Let’s go see the Raxacoricofallapatorians
or maybe save the ocean from ancient amphibians
But wherever you roam
You will not be alone

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