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Thank You MarsCon 2017

We wanted to say thank you to Beth Kinderman and Co at the Space Oddity Room Party at Mars Con MN 2017. We had a blast playing music at the party and hanging out!

We also wanted to give a special shout to the MarsCon Dementia Track and the FuMP for including us in the FuMP Jukebox showcase show. We played Han Solo For President for the main MarsCon audience and it was a blast. And we got to hear some amazing performers bringing awesome funny music to the Con crowd!

Thank You Confluence and New Shows

The Faithful Sidekicks had a great time in Pittsburgh at Confluence.  A sincere thank you to the organizers and to Randy Hoffman for inviting us to play a concert!

We have a few new shows added to the calendar including a local show Labor Day weekend, a concert at a convention in Germany (!), and concert at WindyCon in the Chicago area.

We are also working on some new songs and hopefully will get some demos recorded soon,  so keep an eye on the site.

Escape: The Curse Of The Temple Review

Escape: The Curse Of The Temple

Game Review:

If someone were to tell you that a fairly simple 10 minute game could make you literally sweat, that it could make you walk away with an adrenaline high like coming off a roller coaster, would you believe them?

Yeah, I didn’t either.

Then I played Escape: The Curse Of The Temple  – and now I understand.

In Escape: The Curse Of The Temple (I’ll just refer to it as Escape from here on) players take on the role of Indiana Jones-like tomb raiders that are working together to explore and escape a cursed temple.  The catch is that the game is played in real time – there are no turns – to a 10 minute soundtrack.  Players have only until the end of that soundtrack to get everyone out or the entire team loses.

Image from Queen Games website – it ...


The Sidekicks went to FilkOntario 26 in Mississauga Ontario this past April and were honored to play a concert set! We got our good friend Devin Melanson to contribute his awesomeness to part of our set.  We had an amazing time! We heard a ton of great music all weekend and met a lot of great people!  We are hoping to post video of the set soon!

ConFusion 42

Eric recently returned from ConFusion 42 in Novi, MI. (Unfortunately, due to health issues, Jen wasn’t able to go). Eric got to participate in some great panels, heard a lot of great music and even got to give a concert, even though he was ill for most of the con.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the concert and the music circles (and who put up with my rough voice!) and made the weekend a blast!

OVFF 2015

The Faithful Sidekicks just returned from The Ohio Valley Filk Festival – and boy was it a blast! We got to play music with and listen to a lot of fantastic musicians and hear a lot of awesome songs! We even got to play Han Solo For President for the entire convention!

Eric also entered the Songwriting Contest again with a new song – I Built A Time Machine (for which we’ll publish a video soon). He is honored to announce he took home Second Place. What’s more, he also took home the Audience Choice award!

Thanks to everyone at the Con, particularly the organizers and staff, for making it a great event!

Harmonic Convergence = Win

The Sidekicks played last weekend at Harmonic Convergence – part of Convergence Con – and had a blast. A huge thanks to everyone who came out and to the staff there who made it a great show. Convergence was amazing and we are definitely going back next year (and hopefully playing again if they’ll have us)!

Road Trip goodness

Jen and I returned from a greet weekend down in WI and IL. The Faithful Sidekicks got to hang out and make music with our friends from Two Johns and A Nancy. We even got a few publicity shots taken thanks to John’s partner Kris. (Thanks Kris!) Here’s one of the pictures:

The Faithful Sidekicks

We then went down to Mt Morris, IL and played a house concert at Thomas and Christine Rogers house. We even got to play outside! It was a tremendous blast and we can’t wait to do the whole thing again.

Thanks to Thomas and Christine for bringing us down and to everyone who came out and made it such a fun evening.