We played a fun show last Friday at Dunn Brothers Coffee in Roseville. Thanks to everyone who came out and made it a great night. We are adding a few more shows to the line up, including J. Arthur’s Coffee in June. Keep an eye on the Gigs page forContinue Reading

I (Eric) recently went to FilKOntario 25 in Toronto Canada and had a blast! (Jen couldn’t go because of passport issues… 🙁 ) It was a fantastic 4 days of music. I placed in both songwriting competitions for new songs written for the contests – Everything Will Be Silver andContinue Reading

Tomorrow we get to see Peter Capaldi take on the Universe as the 12th incarnation of Doctor Who. So, here’s the song the Sidekicks wrote for Doctor Who back in Feb. Doctor Doctor Cure Me – (Rough Demo) Lyrics Another dead end job Yeah we’ve got that in green AnotherContinue Reading

The Faithful Sidekicks have started work on their first CD. The album, tentatively titled Starting Player, is currently scheduled to be release by the end of 2014, if not earlier, Check back here often for previews and updates on the new CD, as well as new demos as they becomeContinue Reading

Hey, That’s My Fish Game Review: There is a sweet spot in game design, in my opinion. A game that is intended to appeal to a wide audience should be simple to learn, simple to teach, have few rules, and should present interesting choices at every step. Hey, That’s MyContinue Reading