This is a very belated post, but we would be remiss in not mentioning it. The Faithful Sidekicks attended OVFF – The Ohio Valley Filk Festival – in October 2014. They were honored to play a one-shot for the entire convention and played Jar Jar Must Go. (Special thanks toContinue Reading

The Faithful Sidekicks have started work on their first CD. The album, tentatively titled Starting Player, is currently scheduled to be release by the end of 2014, if not earlier, Check back here often for previews and updates on the new CD, as well as new demos as they becomeContinue Reading

HEY! Eric was interviewed on the Pros And Cons Podcast! where he got to talk about music, board games, and FAWM! Check out the Podcast here. On the podcast we talked about the Time Traveler song, which is jam packed with Time Travel references from movies, books, and TV shows.Continue Reading